SkyCity Signs Expansion Agreement with SA Government

SkyCity and the South Australian government have now settled upon terms for the expansion of the Adelaide Casino project, as it will be part of the development of the Adelaide Riverbank precinct. The two parties will share the cost of the initial construction, which is expected to start towards the end of the year.

There plenty of modifications that will be made to Festival Drive. This will include the construction of a car park, a shopping centre and an office building, which will be built by Walker Corporation. The task will take up to three years.

“We’re delighted that we’ve got agreement on the first phase of work on what will be an amazing rejuvenation of the Riverbank Precinct. SKYCITY’s Adelaide Casino expansion will bring high net-worth visitors to South Australia, providing a significant boost to the tourism industry.,” says John Mortensen, Interim CEO of SkyCity.

This is just initial part of the project, and SkyCity aims to make Adelaide Casino and the riverbank precinct into a world-class tourist destination with boutique hotels, VIP gaming services, signature restaurants and a wide range of entertainment options for visitors from across the country and around the world.

The SA government wants to attract more international visitors to the state, and improving the precinct district will certainly help to improve the local tourism market. Once construction is complete, Adelaide and South Australia as a whole will be able to boost their profiles among global visitors. There is plenty potential for this project to truly benefit the local economy and turn SA into a world-class destination for tourists from around the world.