New $307M Proposal for Casino Canberra

Earlier this month, Casino Canberra hosted its grand-reopening, showing off its $14 million makeover. Now, Aquis Entertainment is working on an even bigger redevelopment plan that will enhance Canberra’s Central Business District.

The new $307 million proposal will transform the ACT’s gambling market. It will include the construction of an expanded casino which will include two new hotels, bars, restaurants and a shopping centre. It is anticipated that the new and improved Casino Canberra district will attract over 600 000 visitors every year.

The main goal is to extend beyond being a destination for local visitors. Aquis Entertainment wants to put Canberra on the map as an international gambling and entertainment destination that will appeal to visitors from around the world.

“What we’re planning will deliver a range of new entertainment options to the market, including a style of hotel accommodation we haven’t seen here before, notable local and global restaurateurs and luxury retail brands – providing the ACT with a genuine opportunity to compete for international and domestic visitors, as well as the hosting of major events,” says Jessica Mellor, Executive Director of Aquis Entertainment.

The ACT is becoming a bigger and bigger draw for international visitors – especially now that more direct flights have been launched to the area. This is great news for the state, and it is important that local businesses aim to capitalise on their influx of tourists by offering them a wider range of entertainment and accommodation options. The new proposal for an expanded casino district will do just that.

To get a good idea of what Aquis Entertainment has planned, check out the video below:


This is a very exciting venture for Casino Canberra and the ACT. We can’t wait to see what’s to come from the newly expanded CBD.