UBet Breaches Australian Gambling Standards

UBet is a Tasmanian online betting provider that is a top-choice among Australian punters. The operator has maintained its status as a trustworthy and reliable online gaming operator – until now, as UBet has been charged with two counts of breaching Australian advertising standards.

UBet has pleaded guilty to two advertising breaches. First, the company’s YouTube advertisement, UBet Punters Academy, depicted punters betting on sports while consuming alcohol. This is considered irresponsible promotion of gambling, as players are warned against drinking while gambling. Since the advertisement depicts this in particular, the operator has come under fire.

This is the first time that any Australian betting operator has been fined for showing gambling and drinking in the same advertisement. Liquor and Gaming NSW have charged UBet for this transgression as a warning to other online gaming operators.

The second breach came in the form of an online gambling promotion. On UBet’s website, the operator offered players bonus points for joining its loyalty program. In Australia, it is illegal for online gambling operators induce players to gamble; as such, offering up promotions like this is considered a breach of advertising standards.

The ruling has required UBet to pay $3300 as a fine and an additional $4500 for the professional costs of Liquor and Gaming NSW. It seems like quite a stern punishment for a small crime, but advertising and gaming regulators across the country are eager to uphold responsible gambling practices in order to minimise harm.

“As this case shows, companies that break the law can expect to face prosecution in court,” says Paul Irving, Liquor & Gaming NSW’s Acting Director of Compliance Operation. “Our compliance staff continue to monitor advertising online and in other media as part of investigations into potential breaches of NSW’s Betting and Racing Regulation”.