SportsBet is a Marketing Leader in Australia

SportsBet is one of Australia’s most popular online gambling operators – but, why is this the case? A recent survey has found that the company is a marketing leader, as it has an impressive brand awareness profile across the country.

A new study by UBS has found that Sportsbet is the best known brand in Australia’s gambling market. It has come in as more recognisable than its major competitors: TabCorp, Tatts, Labdrokes, William Hill and Crown Bet. Along with Sportsbet, these firms make up 72% of all active sportsbetting accounts – and Sportsbet has a 26% market share.

Sportsbet leads the way in terms of brand awareness, as over 85% of Australian sportsbetting customers are aware of the brand. The company’s main competitors pale in comparison with brand awareness rates of about 15%.

This is likely due to the fact that Sportsbet has spent $41 million on advertising over the course of the past year. While sportsbetting operators are some of the biggest advertising spending in Australia, Sportsbet spends significantly more than its competitors. The dedication certainly pays off, as Sportsbet is the most recognisable brand in the Australian wagering market.

These statistics may be a wakeup call to other sportsbetting firms across the country. Now may be the time to increase their advertising budgets in order to compete with Sportsbet for a larger share of the wagering market in Australia. However, responsible gambling advocates are concerned about the amount of gambling ads that are shown during sports broadcasts, and there is the possibility that betting operators will soon be limited in the amount of advertising space that they can purchase during prime times.