Victoria Pubs Want to Sell Scratch Cards

The Sydney Morning Herald has reported that pubs in Victoria are excited about the prospect of selling scratch cards over the bar to customers. With poker machines already an ubiquitous item in pubs and clubs, the idea of scratch cards sales does not seem far-fetched – but is it simply going too far?

Mark Zirnsak of the Victorian Interchurch Gambling Taskforce believes so. He has openly stated that the addition of scratch card sales at pubs and clubs across Victoria would turn these venues into ‘mini casinos’ rather than general entertainment venues. He, along with several other responsible gambling groups, do not support the proposal.

”Some of these venues, you can have pokies, you can have horse racing, you might have scratchies,” he says. ”The roulette wheel will be the only thing missing.”

Intralot has other ideas, however. The gaming company believes that selling scratch cards at clubs would actually be in the public’s favour. Pub owners would like to the see a law passed to make this possible, but it the general public is not yet decided on the issue.

This is an interesting new development in Australia’s gambling market. We will keep you updated as the story progresses.