Man Wins OZ Lotto Jackpot Six Years After Partner

In an exciting yet unlikely turn of events, a Perth man has won a $5 million lottery jackpot – just six years after his partner did the same. The only difference between their prizes is that the recent win was a Division 4 prize while his partner’s 2006 win was a Division 1 prize.

It would seem as if a couple that has recently won the lottery would not continue to play the lottery – but this couple seems to be the exception. Playing the lottery seems to be a habitual thing, and it is likely that this couple had simply continued playing out of routine.

The lottery winner, who chose to remain anonymous, stated that he would continue on about his lifestyle. He will continue his hobby of restoring cars and plans on making a trip around the country soon. He does not have any major for his additional wealth.

This situation is rarely seen in local lotteries around the world, and certainly has never been experienced by OZ Lotto winners. Neither party has stepped forward to reveal their identity, however.