New Format for OZ Lotto Tickets

The OZ Lotto is changing its format, allowing for easier and more convenient play. Players are still required to choose 6 numbers in order to win; however, they are able to play systems and combinations on one card, making it easier to fill out their tickets.

The full lottery card allows players to purchase 50 games. Previously, a maximum of just 36 was allowed. Players will also be allowed to purchase ‘combination packages’, which allow them to play standard games and combos on the same ticket. The playing cards are a bit larger, and there has been a small price increase, but the changes are overall quite positive.

The new Lotto changes also include the introduction of lottery self-service machines. This means that players no longer have the line up to meet with a cashier; they can simply check and purchase their tickets from an automated machine. The stations have been welcomed by retailers; rather than viewing them as competition, they are pleased that they will relieve some of the demand for ticket sales from cashiers.

The changes have taken effect this week. So far, the response has been generally positive.