Live Sportsbetting Permitted in Australia

The Gillard government has recently announced that local gaming operators would be allowed to offer live, in-game betting to residents. After years of prohibiting the activity, the government has finally changed its tune, choosing to intercept transactions between citizens and offshore casino websites.

Julie Gillard has informed local, regulated operators that they may offer in-game wagering to punters across the country. Initially, it will be a trial period of 6 to 12 months, giving the government time to examine the impact that the activity has on the local gaming market.

As it stands, many forms of online gaming are prohibited in Australia, including live-betting (which was only permitted by phone and in person). The country’s government has chosen to protect players from the potential dangers of online gambling by prohibiting these activities rather than regulating them. Now, it seems that Australia is taking a different route.

It is rumoured that the sites which are permitted to offer live betting will soon be allowed to offer other types of online gaming. They may include online poker and online casino games – but that remains to be seen at the moment. At this current point in time, the main focus is online in-game wagering.