Internet Providers May Have to Regulate Online Gaming

The Australian online gambling market is restricted by some very stern laws. While it seemed as though the government may be letting up and considering the possibility of legalizing online gambling, a new development has occurred. Instead, new regulations may require internet service providers to play a role in the prohibition of online gambling.

The Department of Broadband recent conducted a study on the Interactive Gambling Act, determining more effective solutions for regulating the online gambling market in Australia. One of these recommendations offered a larger role for local internet service providers, forcing them to police the online gambling market.

“This approach places ISPs in a position where they would be enforcing prohibitions on gambling with overseas providers,” the report says.

One of the biggest loopholes in the country’s online gambling laws is that offshore sites are prohibited but players can still access these sites. If internet service providers were to get involved, then they would be able to block Australians from access these sites. Then, the only sites that Australians would be able to access are government-regulated sites such as TabCorp.