Independent MPs Not Pleased With Pokies Laws

It seems that independent MPs are the only ones that want to see strict laws imposed for pokie reform while those associated with the Gillard government simply want to push for a trial. As such, there has been a great deal of conflict between these two groups over the course of the past few months, and independent MPs are losing their patience.

Nick Xenophon, in particular, is growing incredibly impatient. After the initial poky reform plan was watered down from mandatory pre-commitment to a voluntary pre-commitment trial, Nick Xenophon publically expressed his disappointment. Now, he has complied with the government’s plans for a trial but things are still not going his way.

The legislation for the trial and the potential reform has been delayed a number of times, and Xenophon is not pleased. He has requested a copy of the legislation but the government has denied it, so independent politicians are beginning to wondering if there is something to hide.

Andrew Wilkie had also hoped that a draft of the legislation would already be available. However, that is not the casino, and the anti-pokies MP is also beginning to grow increasingly impatient over the issue.