Debate Arises Over Casino Smoking Ban

In Australia, it is common for high roller and VIP rooms in casinos to allow smoking, but The Star could be the first gambling venue in the country to ban it. The casino operator is none too pleased with the revelation, but upholding the ban may hinder the development of a new casino in Bangaroo.

The Greens have faced off against Labour, requesting that The Star casino ban smoking in its high roller room. This would make The Star the only casino in the country that bans smoking in its high roller room. While it seems like a good thing for business, the smoking exemption is actually what draws Asian VIP gamblers to Australian casinos. Banning smoking would compromise a great deal of its business.

Should the government allow the no-smoking exemption to continue, the Greens plan to hinder the development of James Packers plans for a new casino in Bangaroo. It may also mean that an outdoor ban on smoking may also be compromised. The legislation would make it illegal for individuals to smoke at bus stops, in doors and in many other public places – but The Stars high roller room may get in the way.