Echo Entertainment Bosses Earn Salary Jackpots

Echo Entertainment has been in the headlines quite frequently this year, as its operations manager Sid Vaikunta was let go after being accused to sexually harassing staff. The scandal damaged the casino operator’s reputation, but recent reports show that Vaikunta was paid handsomely for his departure.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Vaikunta received a termination payment worth at least $200 000. His salary for the year was a generous $470 000, bringing his earnings for 2011-2012 up to an incredible $670 000. Despite the scandal, he remained one of the highest-paid casino executives in the country.

Last year’s bonuses also generated some very generous paydays for The Star’s executive. Vaikunta received $1.95 million in 2011, including his salary and his bonus while chief executive Larry Mullin received a bonus of $1.35 million. For 2012, Mulin failed to receive a bonus, as the company did not meet its revenue targets; however, the year ahead seems to be brighter, so the company’s executives can look forward to multi-million bonuses yet again.