Sports betting companies try to regulate in-play betting

Sportbet has hit out at TAB outlets and clubs for holding back online innovation because they are concerned about their revenue. The Irish gambling organization Paddy Power has expressed concern that the monopoly position has been owned by the Tabcorp and Tatts is unfair, given that the Federal government puts pressure on the corporate bookmakers[…]

The legislation of the live betting and gambling

Peak Sports bodies are pushing hard for the legislation of live online sports betting in Australia, The Sydney Morning Herald has reported. However, the government is worried about the increasing corruption risk of the sports industry. Live betting is currently allowed through TABs and controversially, mobile phones. However, the federal government has considereing reviewing the Interactive Gambling Act[…]

Adelaide Casino to receive a $300 million dollar expansion

Adelaide Casino finally has its wish – an expansion estimated to cost up to 300 million dollars  – The Australian reports. This approval means that work is scheduled to begin mid-year, bringing with it 500 jobs and around 1000 construction-based operational positions. The new expansion also includes a new gaming space, hotel with 80 rooms[…]

Impact of Pokies in Geelong and other communities

Introduction and setting up of poker machines, can lead to positive outcomes in communities like new jobs and economic benefits for the state through taxation. However it also brings concerns, which could negatively affect some communities way of life – as the Geelong Advertiser reports below… Pokies can become an irresistible temptation throwing away hundreds[…]

The falling revenue of pokies in South Australia

The Sydney Morning Herald has reported that despite the booming of the pokies industry all over Australia, in the South, the country is witnessing a backward trend. South Australia only possesses about 13,000 of 200,000 poker machines in the entire country, which gives the industry a value of around $12 billion. Recent trends indicate that[…]

Lottery websites could become an addiction

Recently Lottoland allowed around 250,000 Australians to try their hand at the $ 2.1 billion jackpot US Powerball. According to legal experts, this could set in motion a new gambling addiction in an already plagued gambling country. Websites like Lottoland offer services which allows people to “buy tickets” and take part in overseas lotteries. 9 News[…]