A Guide to Online Casino Bonuses

With hundreds of online casinos on the internet, competition is quite steep. Aside from the obvious ways to capture players’ attention, online casino operators also use cash bonuses to entice players. There are dozens of types of bonuses in the online gambling world, but some are far better than others, offering players a useful way to earn bonus cash and add extra funds to their accounts. Read on in our Bonus Guide for information on our recommendations for the best online casino bonuses.

Most online casinos offer a registration bonus, which match a percentage of players’ first deposits. The first thing you should pay attention to is that particular percentage. If it is anything less than 100%, it is probably a good idea to pass on that casino. It is customary for players to earn 100% of their first deposit, so if a casino offers you anything less, it is a bad sign.

There are also several types of first deposit bonuses. We recommended taking part in tiered bonus schemes, as they offer a more affordable way to earn bonus cash. Rather than trying to earn the full $500 100% match bonus, try going for a tiered bonus, which offers you three separate chances to earn bonus cash. These usually come in the form of one 100% bonus, one 25% bonus and one 50% bonus, but they still usually add up to $500 or more. Most players choose to go with this scheme, as they can deposit at their own pace, rather than having to make a large one-time deposit.

Reload bonuses also present valuable opportunities to earn bonus cash. Reload bonuses are normally offered on a particular day of the week every week. You are usually required to deposit a minimum of $20 in order to earn a 50% match bonus. It is advisable to wait until Reload day to make any deposits to your account.

Players should also look out for loyalty programs, which offer players redeemable points every time they play particular games. Casinos usually offer $1 for every 10 points a player earns, which can be incredibly valuable over a long period of time. Many casual gamers forego opting into loyalty schemes, but they offer incredibly potential for earning extra cash while gambling online.

If the casino has a newsletter or a Facebook fan page, be sure to sign up. Through these mediums, they often advertise exclusive promotions that you can take part in. These can include double loyalty point days, special freeroll competitions and even special match bonuses.