Tatts To Redouble Online Efforts

Tatts Group is a highly successful operator in Australia’s gambling market, but its successful has largely been limited to the land-based world. Now, under the lead of Robbie Cook, Tatts Group is setting its sights on the online gambling market. As online gambling becomes increasingly popular among Australians, it is important for local operators to[…]

Clubs Want Monopoly on Legalized Online Gambling

The idea of regulating and legalizing online gambling in Australia has been a hot topic recently. With thousands of players spending millions on unregulated websites each year, the local government sees legalized online gambling as a way to generate additional tax revenue and protect players. Now that clubs have caught wind of the movement, they[…]

Online Gambling Could Be Legalized In Australia

Australia’s Interactive Gambling Act has set the objective to reduce harm from online gambling, but a new report shows that it has not actually fulfilled its goal. The Department for Broadband, Communication and the Digital Economy shows that by restricting online gambling activity in Australia, the IGA is actually contributing to the problem. Around the[…]

Politicians Speak Out Against Online Gambling Legislation

The Australian government is currently in the process of deciding on whether or not it should legalize certain types of online gambling. While many local operators are on board with the idea, several politicians have spoken out against it, including Tony Abbott and Nick Xenophon. Abbott and Xenophon are renowned for their anti-gambling stances, so[…]