Pre-Commitment Scheme Passed In Victoria

This year, the Victorian government has enact a number of gambling harm minimisation measures. Its latest venture aimed at reducing problem gambling rates is voluntary pre-commitment, which will allow players to set betting limits before they begin wagering on pokies. Intralot has been appointed as the provider of the new pre-commitment system in Victoria. The[…]

Is the SchoolKids Bonus Being Spent on Pokies?

Concerns are looming about the way in which families are spending their new SchoolKids Bonus money. With reports surfacing that the Carbon Tax is being spent on pokies, politicians have expressed worry over the potential that the SchoolKids Bonus is being spent in the same way. The SchoolKids Bonus awards families with children aged 16-19[…]

Are Carbon Tax Payments Being Spent On Pokies?

Whenever the general public receives some sort of compensation from the government, it is a well-known fact that some individuals will use the money in a way that is not deemed appropriate. When the educational allowance was introduced years ago, families used the money in ways that the government had not intended – and the[…]